Sunday, June 26, 2011

Four Wheel Drive Adventure to Lake Eyre

Heading away for a couple of weeks, just because we can. Two car loads and 7 guys and a hell of a lot of gear, I'll try to update with some photos as we go.
The rough plan;
Day 1 Melbourne to Waikerie
Day 2 Waikerie to Wilpena Pd
Day 3 to Maree
Day 4 fly over Lake Eyre
Day 5 Roxby Downs
Day 6 Wilmington
Day 7 Broken Hill
Day 8 Broken Hill
Day 9 Mildura
Day 10 Home maybe

Lake Eyre Trip Day One: Melbourne to Waikerie

Drive to Waikerie via Mildura. Stay at caravan park Waikerie next to the Murray River.

Arriving at the first night's stop.

Lake Eyre Trip Day Two: Waikerie to Wilpena Pound

Leave Waikerie and cross the Murray River at Cadell drive thru to Morgan and Burra. Stop at the butcher if anyone wanting to buy great saltbush lamb or steak. To Peterborough, Orroroo ( also has a great butcher) to Hawker and Wilpena Pound camp.


Tarowie, a ghost town


Wilpena Pound
Bush Camping

Lake Eyre Trip: Day Three

Travel out of the Pound through Brachina Gorge via Blinman Pub to Parachilna, onto Leigh Creek look at the massive coal mine onto Lyndhurst and Marree set up camp.

Lunch at Roxby Downs Track.
Searching for relics on the Ghan track.

In the lake!
Lake Eyre South.

Oodnadata Track.
Camping in Mallee, delicious food at the pub (no pictures of the pub!)
The folks to the right are organised, the ones to the left, not so much.

Posted on behalf of Peter, who is having a blast.

Lake Eyre Trip: More Day 3 onwards photos

At about this point we were three days into the trip time became of no importance so we decided that we would not track the trip by days rather by the enjoyment factor.  Well I for one can say that it was certainly enjoyable and a trip well worth doing.  You will notice that one of our group (Thanks Keith) was far more diligent on his return and sent in the map that is appended, this will give a much more accurate track of the actual trip and stops.

The Wall of China


Diesel $1.95 per litre
Dave we are going where?
A hill so we just had to drive there

By the edge of Lake Eyre we saw it from many different angles

Dave and Peter after a hard day!

Darryl obviously deep in discussion  over dinner
On the left the oldest member of our group Arthur 94 - I want to be as fit as him when I'm that age!
On the way to Maree